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Nutri-Pulse ®

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The Nutri-Pulse® 'cooks' with electric pulses

Do you want to ‘cook’ your food within minutes? Nutri-Pulse® makes it possible. Food like fish, meat, vegetables and fruit can be prepared easily with pulsed electric fields.

The Nutri-Pulse® e-Cooker was winner of the Food Valley Award in 2011.

Learn more about e-Cooking with the Nutri-Pulse®, press on the little little arrow at the bottom of the picture.

The advantages of the Nutri-Pulse® e-Cooker:


  • Better conservation of the original nutritive value
  • More flavour, colour and taste


  • Enormous reduction in energy used for cooking
  • Reduction in spoiling food
  • Great possibilities for your cooking experiments
  • Simplification of the workflow in food services
  • Prepare your food within minutes


  • Process safe for food preparation
  • Homogenous heating, therefore microbiologically safe
  • No risk of burning

More profit

  • Reduction in energy use
  • Reduction in spoiling food
  • Less staff, because of easy handling

Do you want to know how the Nutri-Pulse® works? Have a look here.